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Improve Your Dental Health with a Proper Diet
November 05, 2016  |  Dental Health

Improve Your Dental Health with a Proper Diet

Believe it or not, your diet is an important factor in keeping your teeth and gums in good health. You have heard the adage before that sugary and sticky foods cause your dental health to degrade. While the only mode of recovery from dental problems may be found at the dentist’s, you need to stick to a proper diet in order to maintain your dental health. Coupled with a good hygiene routine, you can expect to keep most dental problems at bay. As recommended by dental experts, there are certain nutrient-rich foods that should be a part of your diet if you expect to maintain good oral health.

CalciumIt is no secret that calcium helps build stronger bones. Your teeth are no different and calcium-rich foods can improve your dental health drastically. For vegetarian diets, milk is one of the largest sources of calcium and you can also add most dairy products to your diet. For other “non-dairy” sources of calcium, you can consult the right chart.

Phosphorus-rich foods: Phosphorus helps contribute to enamel growth and helps keep your teeth safe from tooth decay. Most calcium-rich foods are also coupled with the phosphorus content. Fish is a good source for non-vegetarians. Here is a list of some phosphorus-rich foods.

Vitamin D: One of the most common nutrient deficiencies for dental health would be Vitamin D. It is important for your overall health, yes, but it is most important in helping your body absorb calcium better. Apart from sunlight as a source, you can consult the left chart for a list of foods rich in Vitamin D.

Vitamin C: It is important to have a diet rich in Vitamin C in order to strengthen blood vessels and in reducing inflammations. This helps your gums stay healthier and run a lesser risk of periodontal disease. Vitamin C is a necessary ingredient in the production of collagen – a protein that combats periodontal disease. You run the risk of a bacterial infection with a Vitamin C deficiency. Most citric fruits are rich in Vitamin C and you can consult the right chart for an overview.

Foods with Antioxidants: These are the warriors in your mouth that help in fighting bacteria. They are a necessity if you want to maintain your dental health. These foods rich in antioxidants help protect the gums and other tissues from cell damage and bacterial infections. You can find foods rich in antioxidants in the left chart.

Probiotics, Anthocyanins, Arginine, and Polyphenols: These are found in a variety of foods. Their main function is to combat bacteria in the mouth and prevent infections. Anthocyanins help to prevent plaque from sticking to the teeth and can even fight oral cancer. Arginine and Polyphenols can help in the treatment of cavities. Probiotics are more of a recent find and they can help prevent infections and gum disease by getting rid of harmful bacteria. The most commonly recommended foods would be those rich in L-arginine. You can get an overview of these foods in the right chart.

Sticking to a proper diet can help you avoid most dental problems and keep your oral health in check. With proper hygiene, you can expect to stay on the safe side and not have to get expensive restorative treatments every other month.

Iron: Having iron-rich food helps in preventing mouth inflation and mouth sores. Iron also prevents cavities and drives away harmful bacteria by assuring the effective flow of blood all over the gums. It makes the teeth strong, robust, and immune to many dental diseases. Some examples of iron-rich food include red meat, cereals, some nut varieties, and spices to name a few.

Vitamin: Consumption of Vitamin B-rich food prevents bad breath and mouth sores. Normally, Vitamins B3 and B12 contribute to dental and oral development. Foods like chicken and fish are rich in Vitamin B3, white pasta, bagels, spinach, and almonds are rich in Vitamin B12

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