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Maintaining Oral Hygiene While Wearing Invisible Braces
June 16, 2016  |  Oral Health

Maintaining Oral Hygiene While Wearing Invisible Braces

Invisible braces have been around since the turn of the century and are proving to be the most aesthetically effective treatment for crooked, overlapping teeth.

Owing to their mobility, these braces have fast become the most cost-effective treatment for misaligned teeth, but it makes caring for them while under treatment a piece of work.

What you should do

There are several factors to be aware of when using invisible braces. It is essential to consciously maintain your braces and your oral hygiene during treatment to minimize complications.

  • You should take care not to eat or drink (water is okay) anything while the braces are on. Staining is a very real possibility and eating with clear braces on will stain them.

  • Brushing is always recommended, but not when your braces are worn. Depending on the material of your clear braces, they are susceptible to corrosion when in contact with toothpaste.

  • Flossing is subjected to the same rules. It is preferable to use waxed floss as they don’t damage your teeth during the cleaning.

  • Some toothpaste, especially those that boast whitening skills, contains chemicals that can damage your invisible braces and it is essential to stick to ones recommended by your orthodontist.

  • Regular checkups with your dental care professional are always recommended as they can monitor your progress better as well as perform a professional cleaning.

And what you shouldn’t

There are some conditions you should avoid in order to maintain your oral hygiene while wearing invisible braces.

  • By all means, you shouldn’t indulge in foods with high acid content like citrus fruits, soft drinks, and energy drinks, among others.

  • It is important not to brush with hard bristles as they can damage your invisible braces and also wear out your teeth.

  • You should not be brushing roughly and at right angles as your enamel can wear down over time and ruin the effectiveness of your braces. Always brush gently at an angle to avoid complications.

  • Sugary foods and chewing gum should not exist on your diet as they are harmful to your teeth.

  • Never forget to check your braces regularly for food particles stuck in them. This can ruin the effectiveness of your treatment and further damage your teeth.

It is advisable to consult with your dental care professional for details on how to maintain oral hygiene during your own treatment.

Video Source: AvA Orthodontics & Invisalign

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