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Poor Oral Health Could Play a Role in Triggering Dental Abscess
June 20, 2018  |  Oral Health

Poor Oral Health Could Play a Role in Triggering Dental Abscess

The dental pulp is composed of living connective tissue, nerves & cells and when a bacterial infection affects it, the condition gives rise to a dental abscess. It is a pocket of pus that accumulates near the root of the tooth and causes throbbing and unbearable pain.

There are three types of dental abscesses, one is a periapical abscess, the other is a gingival abscess and another is a periodontal abscess. The former is an infection that accumulates in the pulp of the tooth while the latter largely affects the gum line. Periodontal abscess, on the other hand, is an infection that affects the supporting bone tissue.

The causes of a dental abscess could be many and we have talked about some of them in this post.

When Your Tooth is Cracked:

The bacteria can easily enter through a cracked tooth and spread to the root. This can further lead to inflammation and trigger a dental abscess. A tooth can get cracked due to biting on something hard, bruxism, weak dental fillings and so on.

When Gum Disease is Left Untreated:

A severe gum disease will elevate the formation of bacteria and lead to an infection which can turn into a swelling filled with pus. The condition can cause a lot of discomfort if the pus remains intact and is not drained out. The infection may come into the picture due to trapped debris in between the teeth which form dental plaque.

A Poor Oral Hygiene:

You might be able to prevent several dental diseases if you maintain proper oral hygiene. This means you must brush and floss twice in a day and also keep your tongue clean and eliminate certain acidic foods and beverages from your diet. Healthy eating can also boost your oral health.

Now that you have got an insight into the causes of a dental abscess, look into its signs.

  • Red and swollen face.

  • When your teeth get sensitive when they come in contact with anything hot or cold.

  • When bad breath becomes persistent.

  • When your tooth becomes loose or tender.

  • Severe pain in your jaw.

  • When your sleep is disrupted due to a throbbing toothache.

  • When a tooth turns dark.

  • Difficulties while eating.

A dental abscess can cause some serious consequences, therefore, it’s good to get your mouth checked twice every year and maintain a dental hygiene.
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