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Billion People Worldwide Are Affected By Poor Oral Health: Here’s why?
November 05, 2015  |  Oral Health

Billion People Worldwide Are Affected By Poor Oral Health: Here’s why?

According to a recent study, the global figures for tooth decay and cavities are in the rise affecting more than 2 billion people worldwide. The report claims that up to 2.4 billion people suffer from untreated oral health conditions that cause toothache and prevent them from eating, chewing the food properly and most importantly affecting their sleep. The condition exists in spite of the fact that it is both preventable and highly treatable.

These figures have caused alarm in the world of cosmetic dentistry, mostly because the risk of tooth decay can be avoided with available procedures. It's also important to mention the many serious consequences that might affect both adults and children, particularly more in children with the increasing peril of infection and development issues. However, it's also worth highlighting that a staggering number of those with the disease are mostly adults. It is a significant burden and can lead to poor productivity at work for adults and poor school attendance and performance in children.

Tooth Decay/Cavities Causes

One of the most common causes of tooth decay is lack of oral hygiene that occurs if teeth are not thoroughly cleaned, allowing decay causing bacteria to linger on them. The layer of sticky plaque gradually builds up on the tooth surfaces over time. The bacteria content in plaque contribute to the formation of acid that attacks the tooth and weakens the tooth enamel, leading to infection. As a result, pits and lesions are developed that eventually deepen into cavities.

If this state is not treated, the cavities continue to grow, become deeper and penetrate further into the tooth, eventually reaching the very central part which contains the nerves and blood vessels. As the nerves get infected, the major symptoms are likely to be pain. The nerves die off over the course of time, lessening the severity of the pain. Most patients choose to ignore to get the treatment at this stage. The infection, however remains and can pierce into the roots and out in to the surrounding bone following toothache and dental abscesses. These conditions require swift attention and treatment to stop the infection from spreading other sites and affecting general health.

Oral health is an integral part of overall health and the ignorance can devastate well-being, financial and social costs that diminish the quality of life. Serious oral disorders affect self-image and self-esteem and significantly discourage social interaction. They interfere with vital normal functions including breathing, eating, speaking and give rise to chronic stress and depression.

Here's a gentle reminder: the sooner you seek treatment for tooth decay, there’s a high probability that procedure is less invasive and the outcome is more successful.

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