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The Curious Case of Missing Teeth and Why Replacing Them is Crucial
August 25, 2017  |  blog

The Curious Case of Missing Teeth and Why Replacing Them is Crucial

Peanut butter is nothing without jelly, and milk does not taste the same without cookies. They both complement each other and add flavor and texture, making them even more appealing. Imagine not being able to enjoy those treats due to missing teeth.

Life would be a lot darker and tasteless if we are unable to indulge in our favorite foods. Losing a tooth can occur due to injury, disease or simply old age. It can affect our lives in a variety of ways. Failing to replace missing teeth can open the door to many problems, including the following:

Bone Loss

Our teeth are similar to trees that anchor the soil to the ground. If those trees are gone, the soil becomes at risk of being blown by the wind. When a tooth falls off, what remains is an empty void. This void affects our jawbone, causing it to deteriorate. This horrible process is called resorption.

Misaligned Teeth

A missing tooth not only harms our jawbone, but it can also affect its neighbors. Nearby teeth may move due to the unstable, decaying foundation below. This will weaken their roots and cause them to wobble or even fall off. Misaligned teeth are a nightmare in the making. They make eating and chewing extremely difficult and may result in their own damage as well.

Deformed Facial Features

When our face loses its natural jawline, it becomes susceptible to deformities. The foundation lifting our cheekbones and emphasizing the curve of our lips vanishes, leaving wrinkles in its wake and a stranger’s face staring back at us in the mirror.

 Headaches Galore

With nothing to fill the void, neighboring teeth will lose their chewing partner. The extra support that teeth provide for one another is gone, so they rise too far out of the jawbone and bump into the gums. This can be an extremely painful ordeal, taking its toll on the joints in our jaw, thereby leading to chronic headaches.

Speech Problems

Missing teeth also play their part when it comes to pronouncing certain letters or words. They can get in the way of proper communication, especially if the front teeth are missing for example. People with missing teeth usually suffer in different areas of their lives. The gap left by their missing tooth might leave them with a lisp or cause them to make whistling sounds when speaking.

Poor Nutrition

People with missing teeth find it extremely hard to eat certain foods. This deprives them from the many nutritious benefits found in fruits, vegetable and hard cheeses. This deprivation can take a toll on their health and they may experience digestive issues if they fail to chew their food properly.

Sinus Enlargement

It is always best to replace missing teeth as soon as possible due to the possibility of affecting more than just the jaw. Losing teeth in the upper jaw area, near the back of the mouth will leave a void that can cause the hollow air cavity (sinus)  above the jaw to expand and gradually destroy the jaw bone.