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Emergency Dentist Can Help you Avert Serious Dental Problems
October 21, 2016  |  Uncategorized

Emergency Dentist Can Help you Avert Serious Dental Problems

Most serious dental problems occur from the trivial issues that have been left untreated. It is best to have an emergency dentist on speed dial for these cases. Most of the time a timely treatment will save you from having to replace all your natural teeth with dentures. It can also help you avoid gum diseases and other related problems that are typically a direct result of infections in the mouth.

What types of dental emergency can you expect?

Let’s have a closer look at some of the common dental emergencies and help you explore general options.

  • A tooth is knocked loose, chipped or cracked

  • Experiencing pain from toothache that's lasted several days or longer

  • A cavity filling comes out

  • Bleeding wound to the tongue, gums or lips

Understanding what can be done in times of dental emergency is always the first step toward safeguarding your teeth and overall health.

The Obvious: Call your Own Dentist.

While it seems very obvious, many forget that their own dentist is the best emergency dentist. There are many dental practices set up especially to make it comfortable to contact with the dentist after hours. You should also know that many, many doctors will be more than happy to go out of their way to make sure your needs and requirements are met - providing 24 hour emergency dental care is a just a part of their way of taking care of their patients. It's recommended that you always keep the emergency number of your dentist available and convenient.

The Alternative: Look for a Dental School

If you reside near a big university, chances are it may have a dental school where you can be treated as "walk-in." A teaching hospital will have a dental residency program with general dentists or oral surgeons on call, where you can go if you are desperate for 24 hour emergency dental care and cannot find a dentist to help you.

Finding the right emergency dentist

There are many reasons, not the least of which is treating anxiety, that make people avoid getting the immediate treatment that is required in emergency cases. Finding an emergency dentist can be tricky as most dental treatments are very expensive. While most clinics will always offer you emergency treatment, you might not be able to afford it in the end. There are some clinics that have payment plans and insurance coverage for emergency conditions and these are your best bet in getting your dental emergency treated.