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Let your Teeth Thank You this Thanksgiving
November 24, 2016  |  Dental Health

Let your Teeth Thank You this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving can truly be disastrous for your oral health, but at this time of the year you just cannot say no to food. Your oral well-being can go for a toss as you may give into temptation just by looking at the grand feast laid on the table.

However, don’t deprive yourself of these delicacies. In fact, this thanksgiving you are allowed to eat everything with just a twist in the meals. Yes, we are not saying have this, not that. We are telling you to have it all but with slight changes so that you can enjoy your holidays with family and friends in full swing.

Well. not really! Here are some great tips that will enable to you to enjoy a happy Thanksgiving while making sure your teeth and gums do not suffer as you party hard and munch on this holiday.

Follow these pointers and your teeth and gums will thank you truly after thanksgiving!

Keep the meals short and delicious Don’t hold yourself back. Dig into the chocolate muffins or fried chicken and savor the taste. Just make sure you don’t snack too long. Chewing and munching the delicacies for long can hamper oral health as the food acids can aggravate the building up of cavities in your mouth.

Ditch soda, drink water Soda is not only loaded with calories detrimental for your waistline, but it is also bad for your teeth. Taking sips of water is a great way to lightly rinse your mouth in between the lip-smacking bites. We are not telling you to drink gallons of water; just a few sips every now and then instead of ‘soda’ will go a long way.

Brush or floss after the meal – Take care of yourself, even on Thanksgiving and don’t give your regular brush and floss after a meal, a miss. It ensures you fresher breath along with whiter and stronger teeth; so that you can smile and laugh merrily without the food stuck in between your teeth. Remember, aesthetics and oral hygiene go side by side.

Love your tooth, forget cranberries Well, cranberry can be sweet, but don’t forget its acidic and sticky nature can wreak havoc with your dental wellbeing. From infecting gums to corroding the tooth enamel the side effects are disastrous. Avoid it, better to be safe than sorry!

Schedule an appointment So, you tried really hard, but could not resist the urges to satisfy your taste buds. The last resort is to schedule an appointment with a reliable and affordable dentist near you for a regular check-up to make sure that “all is well”. Prevention is better than cure, rightfully said!

Happy Teeth this Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Teeth

Does all this seem too good to be true? Well, it is! However, to be on the safe side, just visit a dentist for a regular check-up and keep dental problems at bay!

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