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Make Sure That You Visit a Dentures Dentist if You Need to Replace Teeth
April 23, 2015  |  Uncategorized

Make Sure That You Visit a Dentures Dentist if You Need to Replace Teeth

No one, except a dentures dentist, ever really thinks about something like dentures. Most people are content to relegate it to some time in the future when we teeth have been lost. If you are one of those people who have thought about dentures you are definitely in the minority. Only 40% of American's, in a recent survey, stated that they had thought about dentures or tooth loss. Pressed for a reason why, most of the people who took the survey stated that they believed that they were taking sufficient preventative measures to prevent tooth loss and wouldn't need a prosthetic device. The number of people that claim to brush their teeth at least once per day has increased exponentially in the last decade. By some accounts it, now, over 97% of people brush their teeth regularly.  Unfortunately, sometimes tooth loss has nothing to do with your efforts. Despite diet, healthy living, and taking great care of your teeth age, genes, and accidents can catch up with the best of us. The number of people using dentures is actually increasing. According to a recent projection by the American Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, by the year 2020 over 37.9 million Americans will have a full set of dentures. As it is today, over 20 million women already use a full or partial denture system.

The need for dentures is not one of those things that happen overnight. Despite the fact, that there are bound to be cases of people waking up missing teeth, this is a very rare occurrence. Instead, with most people there is a slow progressing that begins with an underlying problem that is ignored for just long enough to lose a tooth and then need dentures. One of the easiest ways to avoid this kind of tooth loss is to make it a habit of visiting us, your dentures dentist, at least once every six months. This is important because it allows us to catch unforeseen problems or underlying problems before they flare up and cause you to have tooth loss. Statistically only about half of the population follows this advice, with 47% of the people choosing not to visit the dentist on a regular basis. If you are between visits, or one of those people who do not visit the dentist regularly, there are two things to be on the lookout for that may help you prevent tooth loss.

The body is very good at giving us signs that something is wrong and that we should seek out medical attention. With your teeth, this often starts as pain. Toothaches are very common. However, if you have a toothache that does not go away for several days, cannot be effectively treated with over the counter medication, or simply comes back repeatedly then you should visit our office as this could be a sign of a potentially deadly, to teeth, gum diseases. Another sign of underlying diseases comes from loosened or moving teeth. Your teeth should not move, and should not get loose with not clear reasoning. If they do, see us immediately. There may be gingivitis or periodontal diseases in your gums that could lead to tooth loss and a need for dentures. For those that do need dentures, as a dentures dentist, we can ensure that they fit perfectly and look natural.

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