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Non-Surgical Dental Treatments are Better for Your Dental Health
July 20, 2016  |  Uncategorized

Non-Surgical Dental Treatments are Better for Your Dental Health

The dental communities look more fondly on treatments that are minimally invasive and generally do not involve complex surgeries. It makes non-surgical dental treatments cost-effective as most surgeries surpass the price range that the general public can afford.

There are also cases where nonsurgical therapy is usually performed before going into surgery so there are no weakened tissues or other conditions that might affect the surgery or lessen the need for surgery altogether.

Tray Delivery Systems are Efficient

The use of dental trays is one of the most popular non-surgical dental treatments as it is an efficient way to deliver medicine in the course of oral treatments. Trays have the impressions made from the patient’s teeth arch which can be used at home for applying the prescribed medications.
Teeth whitening treatments use this method most popularly. Dentists also prefer trays for certain treatments as they can be used without supervision at home. Consult with your dental care professional for advice on the best course of action.

Maintain dental health with Scaling and Root Planing

This is the best way among non-surgical dental treatments for cleaning out plaque and tartar deposits in the gum pockets that can develop between the teeth and gums. These deposits exist below the gum line making it harder to clean at home without professional help.

Ignoring these can cause gum diseases on account of bacterial infestation. Antibiotics and anti-microbial mouthwashes are the typical treatment prescription. The roots of the teeth can also become disjointed from the gum and planning or smoothening becomes necessary to re-attach it. This is one of the few cases where you may not be able to avoid surgery.

Laser Periodontal Therapy is a new trend

Laser Periodontal Therapy is a trademarked process that dental professionals use to remove damaged and diseased tissue without affecting any of the healthy tissue. The procedure involves a pulse laser and requires detailed knowledge and skills in all fields of dentistry.

Being a non-surgical dental treatment, the therapy is used to maintain tissue height around the teeth, relieve pain and other irritations that you might feel, and also, close pockets in the tissue, that form from wounds, so that they heal properly. Laser Therapy can also restore teeth that would otherwise be a foregone conclusion.

Cosmetic treatments for your brilliant smile

Most treatments that fall under cosmetic restoration are non-surgical dental treatments. You can get a teeth whitening treatment or have an artificial crown or dentures placed, you can easily restore your teeth to the proper way it looks, feels, and function. The real difference is in longevity as these can wear down easily, unlike dental implants which require surgery.

Cosmetic treatments will ensure that you have a beautiful smile and that you can flash those pearly whites whenever you want without getting self-conscious. Consult a dental care professional to get yourself properly treated without the need for surgery.

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