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Your General Dentist Can Spot First Signs of Health Problems

We have been telling this many times – your overall health can have a deep impact on your oral health and vice versa. It’s estimated that there are over 120 diseases that have the potential to cause symptoms to develop inside of the mouth.

Affordable Dentist, Oral Health   •   January 26, 2016

Explaining All the Benefits of Good Oral Health

Quick Question: Have you brushed, flossed and rinsed yet today? Yes? No? If so, you might want to remember to grab your toothbrush before going to bed and do it again. If not, what are you waiting for?

Oral Health   •   January 22, 2016

How the Right Toothbrush Techniques Help You Achieve Optimal Oral Health

We have been following the habit of brushing our teeth since childhood and very little has changed over the years. However, advancement in oral hygiene has made a rapid and significant difference to the quality of toothbrushes. The tools are not only important but the correct technique also plays a vital role in dental health.

Teeth Whitening Services   •   November 16, 2015

Medication Side Effects and Your Oral Health

While swallowing pills or taking injections, have you ever thought about how these can adversely affect your oral health? Not only should your dentists or the physicians should know this, but at the same time, it is also important to know about which medications can create side effects to your oral health. There are several […]

Oral Health   •   November 5, 2015

Billion People Worldwide Are Affected By Poor Oral Health: Here’s why?

According to a recent study, the global figures for tooth decay and cavities are in the rise affecting more than 2 billion people worldwide. The report claims that up to 2.4 billion people suffer from untreated oral health conditions that cause toothache and prevent them from eating, chewing the food properly and most importantly affecting […]