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5 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Dental Implants
June 27, 2016  |  Implant Dentistry

5 Ways You Can Take Care of Your Dental Implants

Your dental care professional might recommend dental implants in order to restore a broken or damaged tooth. The best material for making the implants is metal as it is sturdy and can feel natural as the treatment nears completion.

The abutment is the support for the artificial crown and is attached to the implant. It can be made of resin, ceramic or metal depending on requisites for aesthetics.

The visible part of the implant that imitates the natural tooth structure is the crown which will be made artificially. The crown itself can be of porcelain, ceramic, porcelain fused with metal, and metal.

Porcelain and ceramic are more cosmetic choices as they are aesthetically proficient, but are susceptible to wearing out.

Taking care of your oral health to avoid implant failures

Maintaining oral health is the best way to sidestep possibilities of implant failures. In case of problems with your implants, dental surgery may be required. This may or may not involve complete implant replacement.

  • Maintaining oral hygiene is important in taking care of your implants. As a major part of your implant treatment happens at home, you must take care of your teeth and mouth as a whole to prevent complications.

  • You can go for regular cleaning sessions with your dental hygienist which will increase your chances of a successful treatment. Professional cleaning ensures that there are no bacterial deposits in the deeper recesses of your teeth arch.

  • Bone loss can occur if the implant is not integrated to the underlying bone properly. In order to avoid this possibility, your dental care professional needs to ascertain that the implant has integrated completely during placement before finalizing.

  • The artificial crown experiences most of the interaction with outside particles and may succumb under the chewing force required to properly grind food. You can opt for a replacement crown that is made of stronger material like ceramic or metal if aesthetics is not in question.

  • Regular checkups with your dental care professional can ensure that no gum problems develop during the treatment because of the implants causing infections.

Maintain your oral hygiene during treatment

Proper oral hygiene is the best defense you can give your mouth, especially when under treatment. It is best to schedule regular checkups with your dental care professional to avoid problems before they become serious. It is recommended to brush gently using a gentle bristled brush.

You can consult with your dental hygienist on the best brand of toothpaste and other dental care products you can use.

Bacterial infections can occur in the long run and it is essential to counter them in the earliest possible stage. Regular cleaning treatments with your dental hygienist are the best way to get rid of your plaque and tartar deposits.

Smoking and beverages like coffee can stain your teeth, including your artificial crown, and they should be avoided until completion of the treatment.

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