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Are Immediate Dentures Your Solution?
November 18, 2016  |  Uncategorized

Are Immediate Dentures Your Solution?

Time to remove all those bad teeth? Immediate dentures are a solution, but the transition can be emotional as well as physical.

Immediate denture – Smile without stress

When the decaying tooth causes you stress with its annoying pain a better way out is to remove the tooth once and for all. Well, you must be wondering how ugly will your smile look with a missing tooth.

Fret not, your dentist must surely have told you about immediate denture. Although it is just a part of the solution, but surely can be an answer and help you smile and laugh at ease.

Immediate denture – What is it all about?

Dentures that are put in immediately after tooth extraction are called “immediate denture”. Replace one tooth or any number of teeth and it is surely a wonderful solution that will save you from social embarrassment when you smile.

However, there are several other advantages of immediate dentures. Read on and find out.

  • Gums heal better – By creating clots underneath the gums heal better and faster.

  • Eat well and chew well – At times missing teeth can be a problem while speaking and chewing food. At this juncture, immediate denture comes to your rescue. You can eat and enjoy the food properly and the speech too does not get affected by any chance.

  • Adjustable – As the gums heal it shrinks and the gaps tend to close. The dentures here are easily relined and fit appropriately ensuring optimal comfort; after all it’s disturbing to have the feel of something getting stuck in your mouth.

  • Reduces resorption – Immediate denture loads the ridges and reduces resorption to a great extent.

Immediate denture – Work in Progress

Lastly, it can be said that immediate denture is not a complete solution, but definitely an integral part if you wish to take care of your teeth and put dental problems at bay.

In order to make sure the healing is faster and better you should surely go for it. And one thing for sure, before you get your teeth permanently replaced by a better alternative.

It's not advisable to have a wide gap in front of your mouth hampering aesthetics and coming in the way of your freewill to smile and socialize with joy.

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