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Keep an Emergency Dentist on Speed Dial
October 26, 2016  |  Uncategorized

Keep an Emergency Dentist on Speed Dial

A severe toothache that leaves you thrashing in pain might just be a warning beacon for a serious dental emergency. You should have an emergency dentist on your speed dial to help you out in these cases.

Most of the really serious dental problems are emergencies that have been ignored and suppressed using painkillers. Over time, these can develop into problems like periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Common Dental emergencies

The most commonly occurring dental emergencies can be listed as follows.

  • Broken or chipped tooth. It may also be knocked out.

  • Toothache that has been severe for the last few days

  • Losing cavity fillings

  • Bleeding from the tongue or gums

Understanding what can be done in times of dental emergency is always the first step toward safeguarding your teeth and overall health. First aid is an important part of taking care of your oral health.

You should consult with your dental care professional for ideas on how to conduct your own first aid in emergency situations. After all, not all local dentists are available 24x7.

Exploring your options

When facing a dental emergency, most people miss the most obvious – your regular dentist is the best emergency dentist you have.

You need to understand that a dental clinic might not be open 24 hours a day and therefore, not all clinics will accommodate emergency situations on spot notice.

However, your regular dentist has become familiar with you, knows your dental health the best as he has been monitoring it, and will be more inclined to respond to your emergency.

Besides this option, there are some clinics that are open 24x7 in order to accommodate emergency situations. A teaching hospital will usually have a dental residency program with general dentists or oral surgeons on call.

They are mostly equipped to handle 24-hour emergency dental care in case you cannot find a dentist to help you.

Finding your emergency dentist

Finding an emergency dentist can be tricky as most dental treatments are very expensive. Some emergency cases will require expensive treatments to fix. You may not be able to afford them in these cases unless your dental insurance covers emergencies. Some insurance policies do, as well as PPO insurance, but some dental clinics may be disinclined to accept them. There are some clinics that provide payment plans and insurance coverage for certain emergency conditions and these are your best bet in getting your dental emergency treated.

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