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Mistakes we commit while brushing our teeth
November 08, 2020  |  blog

Mistakes we commit while brushing our teeth

Brushing your teeth plays a very vital role in maintaining your oral hygiene. Usage of a toothbrush should be learned from a young age to fight against the growth of infection-causing germs and bacteria in your mouth. But, are you aware of the few things which should be kept in mind while executing this task. In this blog, we are going to discuss the few common mistakes that we commit while brushing.

Picking the wrong toothbrush

Selecting a toothbrush can be a tough nut to crack if you don’t have the required knowledge. Some of the brushes have hard bristles which can do serious damage to the enamel and ultimately result in tooth decay. It is due to this reason that one should always use a toothbrush that has relatively softer bristles. Always remember that the size of the toothbrush should be apt as well, especially if you have a small mouth.

Brushing really hard

If you think that brushing harder will help you to maintain better oral hygiene then you are absolutely wrong. Brushing hard can be one of the most prominent reasons for the decay of the enamel. This can also affect your gum and make you suffer in the years to come. So, be gentle when you brush and ensure to keep your mouth clean and hygienic.

Rushing while brushing

We all know that brushing at least twice a day is a must if one wants to take proper care of their teeth and gums. But, most of us rush while brushing in order to be in tandem with our busy life schedule. This should not be the case. A minimum span of 2 minutes has to be invested to execute that task.

Using the toothbrush for a really long time

Using a toothbrush for a really long period of time can do bad to your oral health. When you notice certain changes such as bristles becoming discolored, bent and dirty, do not hesitate to get rid of the toothbrush. Experts say that a toothbrush should be replaced after a maximum of 3-4 months of usage.

Going to and fro

Most people do not know the correct motion of brushing and generally move the brush to and fro inside their mouth. This can do more harm than good. You should start brushing from the gum and then go up and down in a circular motion. This will help you cover every part of the teeth and gums.

Forget the gumline

We mostly do not pay heed to the gum line while brushing our teeth. This can lead to the growth of infection-causing bacteria or germs. The bacteria often remain in the part where your tooth connects with the gum. So, from now on do not ignore the gum line while brushing your teeth.

Brushing right after the meal

Many a time we go to brush right after eating a meal. This is not helpful at all and can do damage to the enamel. Try to maintain a gap of at least 30 to 60 minutes between intake of food and brushing. You can also choose to rinse your mouth with water to get rid of the acid before brushing.

Brush only once a day

Brushing once is not enough for your oral health to be on-point. No matter how busy you are, it is advisable to chalk out time for brushing at least twice a day. This will not just help you to maintain your oral hygiene but will also enable you to avoid the chances of suffering from dental problems in the days to come.

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