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Save Your Tooth from Persistent Pain with a Root Canal Treatment
May 24, 2017  |  Root Canal Therapy

Save Your Tooth from Persistent Pain with a Root Canal Treatment

The words ‘dentist’ and ‘root canal’ are scary to many people. If there was a pain dictionary, they would probably end up under the section titled: things to never experience ever again.

The very idea of a root canal can prompt you to cringe at the memory of your wisdom tooth being pulled out by your dentist. You may even be suffering from a horrible toothache yet you’d still prefer to suffer in silence rather than book a dental appointment.

Persistent toothache is a clear sign that something is wrong with your teeth. You may be tempted to ignore it, but the fact is, there are symptoms that raise a red flag. Symptoms indicate that your painful tooth is in desperate need of a root canal.

The term ‘root canal’ is used to describe the inner cavity of the tooth which is home to nerves and blood vessels. When the nerve tissue within this area becomes damaged due to invading bacteria, the soft tissue becomes inflamed and infected.

This infection in the root canal may cause symptoms such as:

Heat and Cold Sensitivity

Sometimes, sensitive teeth can be a result of drinking a hot or cold beverage.This sensitivity causes pain that normally fades away quickly, however, if this pain lasts for hours or even days, then a dentist appointment is in order.

Persistent pain may indicate early stages of root trauma, a tiny cavity or even a loose filling.

Pressure Sensitivity

When the nerves are damaged, your tooth becomes like an alarm that goes off at the slightest touch or movement. Eating, drinking, or even talking become painful ordeals that affect your daily routine.

Even biting down on something as soft as butter can cause pain to shoot up your tooth. An urgent visit to the dentist is necessary before the situation worsens.

Swelling and Continuous Pain

Your gums also send a message that your tooth is rotting from the inside. Swelling or tenderness in the gums near the infected tooth or a small pimple-shaped bump are signs you should not ignore.

Ignoring such symptoms is a snowball effect waiting to happen.

Root Canal Treatment to the Rescue!

This treatment will save your tooth from pain and further damage. It involves drilling an opening in the crown of the tooth and cleaning out the decayed interior using special tools.

Once the infected material fully drains out, the dentist then fills the tooth with special composite filling. The newly treated tooth is then fitted with a custom-made crown to shield it against any future fractures.

You may experience a hint of sensitivity and pain after the treatment. The most important thing is to follow a proper routine of brushing and flossing your teeth and going on regular dental checkups.

Healthy teeth are a lifetime investment, so we must not neglect them, even if going to the dentist scares us. We should overcome our fear for the sake of our pearly whites because without them, eating would be a nightmare, and enjoying food would be impossible.

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