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Some Important Tips To Keep You Denture Stable!
August 20, 2022  |  Dental Dentures

Some Important Tips To Keep You Denture Stable!

It will take some time to get used to complete dentures if you've never had them. To keep your dentures in place, you may need to talk slower and learn how to eat with them to keep them in place. Complete dentures or false teeth may be adjusted in a few weeks. It's possible that after a few months of wearing complete dentures, they may begin to feel loose in your mouth. As a result of sticky foods, the suction that holds the upper denture in place might be broken, allowing the complete denture to shift. Full dentures may also shift about if the denture is not the correct fit, either because the denture has changed form or your mouth has altered. To keep your dentures from shifting, here are a few preventive steps.

Keep Your Full Dentures in Place With These Tips

Avoiding slippery meals

While complex meals might cause your teeth to break, sticky foods can cause dentures to fall out of your mouth. To keep complete dentures in place, it is best to avoid chewy treats like gum and taffy.

Your Mouth and Full Dentures Must Care For Properly

Gum inflammation may lead to poor denture fit. Therefore, it's essential to regularly clean your mouth and the whole set of dentures to avoid this. Brushing your gums, using mouthwash, and more are all ways to keep your gums healthy and remove plaque from them. Read How To Take Care Of Your Gums If You Are A Denture Wearer to discover more about how to care for your gums while wearing dentures. Washing your complete dentures at night with the proper supplies is an integral part of their maintenance. Care for Your Dentures: A Step-by-Step Guide teaches you how to care for your dentures properly.

Keep Your Dentures in Full Form Properly Saturated

Dentures must always be in touch with a liquid. Your dentures should be in the water, not in your mouth or cleaned. If you don't soak your complete dentures while they are not in use, they may dry out and distort. A bad fit will result from this since they will no longer be able to hold the roof of your mouth as intended.

Reline or Rebase Your Full Dentures

The shape of your mouth will naturally alter over time if you wear complete dentures. When you don't have teeth in your jaw, your jaw will shrink since it won't be stimulated. Your dentures will fit differently as a result of bone resorption. Your denturist will need to do a denture reline to account for this. Denture bases may be necessary if the alteration is substantial or if the complete dentures suffer a break or fracture that alters their fit. Dentures that have their pink gums replaced are called rebasing.

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