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September 30, 2021  |  blog


Generally speaking, a knocked-out tooth is pretty common, specifically among kids. But, you can face this kind of condition as well, despite the fact that you are an adult.

If you get any kind of injuries during sports activities or during any other situation, the common area of damage is generally the face. Sports-associated dental mishaps can basically range from little chips to the total loss of a tooth.

Tips to follow when a tooth is knocked out

  • Well, at first, hold your tooth by the crown rigidly but never touch the root. Then slowly wipe out the extra dirt from your tooth by using cold water.  Note: Do not ever try to scrub the tooth.

Then, you can put back your tooth really carefully into the socket or you may also keep it between your cheek and gums. It is compulsory since you have to rush to the dental emergency for aid. But do not allow your kid to do this, because there is a chance that they may swallow it. It’s advised to see your emergency dentist within 30 minutes!

  • Now, if the tooth is chipped, then you need to gather all the broken pieces and carry them to the nearest dentist. The dentist will fill your tooth and smooth it down. However, if the whole tooth is knocked out, then you must act very fast and carefully. This may, in turn, raise the possibility of saving the tooth.

Note: Keep in mind that you should not let your tooth dry at all; keep it moist by using saliva. This allows your tooth to be alive.

  • If you aren’t able of putting back your tooth inside your mouth, then the next best thing you can do is to keep it in cold, whole milk. In a lot of cases, dentists use this process in their dental offices. The primary purpose of this alternative is to preserve the knocked-out tooth.

  • If your kid has lost a tooth, at first, all you should do is check whether it’s a baby tooth or an adult tooth. This must be done because the baby tooth cannot be repaired!

What to expect from your Dentist?

If you have properly put back the tooth in the socket, the dentist will check if it's sitting in the appropriate position. And if you take the tooth soaked in milk or saliva, the dentist will carefully place the tooth back in the socket. He/she will then attach your tooth, which is known as splinting. You may have to go to your dentist within some weeks to remove the splint.

If perchance, you are unable to find the tooth or the dentist could not save it, you need not panic at all! In today’s world, there are several tooth replacement methods available. Once your dentist suggests you the best option, you are good to go!

Get the Immediate Care you need!

When a tooth is being knocked out, it is definitely a case of dental emergency and cannot wait for long! You can get in touch with My Affordable Dentist Near Me if you want to receive the best Emergency Dental Care in Fort Worth, TX.  Our Emergency Dentist will deliver you the instant care and comfort you require. We’re just a call away!