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All You Wanted to Know about Wisdom Tooth Extraction
August 08, 2018  |  blog

All You Wanted to Know about Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom teeth removal is a very common dental surgery. Depending upon the complexity of the surgery, it can take up to 2 weeks to completely recover from it. If the removal has been done carefully and the post removal care is properly taken, the wounds can heal quickly.

For the extraction of your wisdom tooth, you should always resort to the help of experienced doctors who can handle the job sensitively. Wisdom teeth choose various time periods to emerge and may result in various kinds of problems. Most people have wisdom teeth coming out between the ages 17 and 25. Some people may have it even later. While there are also others who do not have wisdom teeth coming at all.

For the few lucky ones, wisdom teeth may just come out with a little pain now and then. There are various others, for whom emergence of a wisdom tooth may result in serious complications. For these problems, we are there.

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Let us first have a look into the cases which necessitate removal of the tooth.

  • Sometimes there is not enough space in the mouth for the wisdom teeth to grow in the right direction. This might break through the gums and this friction often results in serious infection. This case is known as impacted wisdom teeth. In this situation, the wisdom tooth comes out at an angle or partially. This results in further pain.

  • A wisdom tooth can also grow towards the back of the mouth or grow at a right angle to the other teeth. The impacted wisdom tooth results in pain, gum diseases, tooth decay, damage to the nearby teeth, and food getting trapped in between the crevices. This will lead to further complications with the orthodontic treatment.

  • A flap of gum tissue may grow over the teeth that partially break through the gum line. Food and germs can get trapped under this flap, which is again a cause of infection.

  • Wisdom teeth can affect the surrounding healthy teeth. Removal is necessary to preserve the healthy teeth or also to initiate healthy dental development.

Everyone does not have to remove the wisdom tooth. Depending upon the severity of the situation, your doctor will decide whether to remove the tooth at all. Your doctor is the best person to judge the need. If you are having infections, pain, cysts, tumors or damage to the adjacent teeth, gum diseases or significant tooth decay, opting for a removal would be the best option.

Removal of wisdom tooth also has some post-operative complications like clotting of blood, swelling of the gums and too much bleeding. Only an experienced dentist can deal with the post and pre-removal conditions.  For getting the advice and help of some of the best dentists, feel free to visit and contact Affordable Dentist Near Me at +1-817-953-3206. We have branches in cities like Houston, Dallas, Texas to look after every kind of dental problems. We are experts in continuous dental care and always ensure a safe experience for our patients.