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July 16, 2021  |  blog


We can generally notice that our Wisdom Teeth show up in our late teens or early twenties. Certain times, wisdom teeth prove to be a precious asset to your mouth only when strong and properly aligned. But in most of the cases, we find them to be non-aligned and most essential need to be extracted in order to preserve oral health. Wisdom teeth extraction is actually an oral surgery.
At any point in our life, whenever we undergo any type of surgery, we all wish it to heal fast and also in an appropriate way without any hindrance. So here, we have created a list of after wisdom teeth extraction - dos and don’ts. Check them out!
The Dos:
  • Rest. Make sure that you take little rest for some days.

  • Elevate your head. When you keep your head elevated, it reduces the amount of swelling.

  • Use an ice pack for the first 24-48 hours after the extraction. When you put ice to the extracted site, it slowly lessens your pain and also minimizes your swelling. Keep applying the ice packs 15 minutes on and again 15 minutes off for 1-2 hours.

  • Bite on your cotton gauze. Don’t take out the cotton gauze from inside your mouth. When you keep biting on the gauze, the pressure that is created helps to stop your bleeding.

  • Keep your mouth clean. When you maintain a healthy and clean mouth it helps to balance your oral health. Don’t forget to gargle with the salt-water solution a minimum once a day.

  • Intake liquid and soft food for a few days. Hard and crunchy foods should never be taken after undergoing extraction. Eat soft, liquid foods, such as mashed potatoes, yogurts, soups, milkshakes, etc.

  • Chew from the other side. Try to chew from the opposite side of your mouth. It’s very vital not to interrupt the injured part in your gum and just leave it to heal.

  • Drink adequate amounts of fluids especially water – but never try to use a straw!

  • Brush gently. Only begin brushing your teeth from the next day post-surgery. But also remember that you don’t brush the wisdom tooth extraction part.

  • The Don’ts:
  • Don’t use any straws. Don’t suck, spit, smoke, or drink alcohol. Suppose, the clot becomes dislodged anyhow, the area may bleed profusely and you will experience pain. Later on, this may turn to form dry sockets.

  • Don’t even try to eat, drink or try to talk instantly after your oral surgery.

  • Keep solid foods at bay. Stay away from popcorn, nuts, and other hard, crunchy, or spicy foods for one week. Also, do not have hot or carbonated drinks.

  • Don’t take aspirin. Do you know that aspirin works as a blood thinner? It actually delays blood clot formation.

  • Stop icing the wisdom teeth extraction after the first 48 hours of your surgery. You can also apply hot water to your extraction site. It gives you some relief.

  • Never try to poke into the gap formed after undergoing extraction with your finger, tongue, pencil, toothpick, or any other objects. It will simply disturb the site and delay your healing period.

  • Don’t rinse your mouth too vigorously. Now, if you rinse very vigorously, it totally generates pressure. And this in fact may dislodge the blood clot and result in greater complications.

  • Finally, go to your dentist without further delay if it continues to bleed even after 24 hours or you feel any type of discomfort or fever.
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