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How Long Does It Take To Remove Wisdom Tooth?
October 11, 2017  |  Oral Health

How Long Does It Take To Remove Wisdom Tooth?

Lot of things comes up in mind when we talk about removal of wisdom tooth takes before that lets us know what wisdom tooth is all about.

As per the sources wisdom tooth is the third molar which erupt on each side of the lower and upper jaw and it usually appears in the age of twenties. It most occur among the teenage groups

As per the American dental association, people should go for am mouth check to remove it. Procedure of removal of wisdom tooth. It is a routine procedure anesthesia or numbing this area in the mouth or with local anesthesia such as Novocain.

After the extraction takes place the next thing would be to look after that swelling and Pain does not prolong for long if this take place than the patient should immediately contact to Doctor. These things should be taken into consideration.

The above said definition was enough to understand what is wisdom tooth. Let me explain why it should be removed. It should be removed as early as possible here I’m mentioning some of the reasons  tooth decay may happen ,  bacteria can grow, it create a problem for the dentist to clean the area

Removal of  Wisdom tooth

Some procedures only take few minutes while others take 20 minutes or longer. It takes 7-10 days to dissolve the stitches.Many times it was noticed that swelling takes place. Sometimes it may cause discomfort for two to three days.

Due to crowding or impaction it should not affect the oral health of the patient. It is advised by the anthropologist to remove the wisdom tooth at an early age.


In a nut shell above mentioned procedures are enough to know what a wisdom tooth is all about  and why it should be removed ? What is the process ?and what is the particular age to remove the  wisdom tooth.