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Losing a tooth is an unpleasant experience, and can be a cause for trauma and self-consciousness. Fortunately, dental professionals have developed various methods to replace that missing tooth using prosthetic alternative, and the best solution to the problem is the “dental implant.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

Dental implants are specifically designed to provide a strong foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like other teeth in your mouth, allowing you to eat the foods you love and smile with confidence.

If you've been meaning to get dental implants, it's essential to learn how they work in order to gain confidence while you sit on the chair for the dental procedure.

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Development of a Plan

First, after meeting with a dentist and deciding dental implants are the best fit for you, a treatment plan will be developed that focuses solely on your needs and situation, rather than general ideas.

Post Placement

During the appointment, a titanium post is placed using a drilling techniques that enables the dentist to insert the post surgically into the jawbone. While inside the jawbone, the post mimics as a real tooth as much as possible. Typically, the post is made of titanium as it is one the best materials that encourages proper binding within the jaw bone.

Fusion of the Post to the Bone

You'd need to be patient as it can take a while for the post to fuse to the bone. The post along with the bone creates a strong base for the tooth and makes it a long-term solution. There is rapid growth of bone cells around the post that attaches it into the jaw bone, making it as strong as your natural tooth. You might have to wait for several months in order to give it enough time to make sure the fusion is strong.

The incision site is closed up using small sutures and the area must be left undisturbed to promote healing during this period. You'll be advised by your dentist on specific instructions about dietary requirements and proper ways to take care of the surgical area to help speed up the healing time.

Fitting of the Replacement Tooth

Once the post has been integrated into the jawbone, a connector is attached to the top of the post that will allow the replacement tooth to be added, making sure it remains sturdy throughout. Post-healing, the tooth appears and feels like natural tooth in your mouth.

Depending on your individual needs and preferences, several types of implants can be used - some cases require replacement of a single tooth and others involve replacing several teeth at a go.

Dental implants are not only a potential avenue you can explore to replace a missing tooth, but they also are associated with many different benefits. They are designed to mimic the look, feel and function like your natural teeth and allow you to speak and eat freely. Furthermore, having a good smile can boost your self confidence. They are a lifelong solution, provided that you maintain good oral hygiene. Implants also support your health by protecting healthy teeth and preventing bone loss.

If you feel you’re a good fit for the treatment, we want to get started towards helping you achieve a beautiful, natural smile!

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