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Secrets of Cosmetic Dentistry you Always Wanted to Know
November 10, 2016  |  Cosmetic Dentistry

Secrets of Cosmetic Dentistry you Always Wanted to Know

People believe that cosmetic dentistry is used just to make your teeth look appealing. While that is the main idea, cosmetic dentists aim to make your teeth better so that it appears white and healthy. Rather than just painting over the blemish, the treatments can strengthen and protect your teeth from further damage. Let’s delve into the secrets of cosmetic dentistry.

Possible Treatments with a Cosmetic Dentist

Typically, the treatments associated with cosmetic dentistry are:

Other than teeth whitening, treatments like dental implants and bridges fill the gaps left by missing teeth. Dental veneers and varnishing treatments mainly fix chipped or broken teeth. However, these work best with the front teeth as they are fragile.

Braces, aligners, and other endodontic treatments (including craniofacial injury treatments) are also cosmetic treatments. This is because they mainly fix the alignment of your teeth' arches if they have become askew.

Misaligned teeth are when they develop cross-bite, under-bite, or overbite.

Benefits Behind the Scenes

While many believe that cosmetic dentistry just makes you look good, the real secrets of cosmetic dentistry are in its additional benefits.

These can be listed as follows:

Taking Care of your Teeth after Whitening

Change your dental hygiene routines to make sure your teeth stay in good health. Try brushing twice a day, flossing, and rinsing with an anti-bacterial mouthwash to help keep your teeth clean. Also, you can perform regular cleaning sessions at the dentist instead of whitening treatments during every appointment.

Cosmetic dentistry can protect your teeth and avoid dental problems. But it will be a moot point if you don’t take care of your teeth afterward. Good oral hygiene is the best defense against all dental problems.

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